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International Comparative Larp Study is a long-term research project that aims to collect the systematic knowledge on live action role-playing around the world.
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About the Project

International Comparative Larp Study (ICLS) is a long term research project that aims to collect the systematic knowledge on live action role-playing around the world.

Project Goals

The International Comparative Larp Study has a mission to collect systematic knowledge about larp around the world and to encourage the international connections between different larp scenes.

We would like to contribute to the understanding of larp phenomenon and to show the bright variety of different larp styles worldwide in order to give the larpers new ideas and to inspire innovative larp projects.

The project is supposed to promote the documentation of larp history through the collection of data on larp scenes and local larp developments.

ICLS aims to provide the information for future (professional) larp researchers.

Project Design

The International Comparative Larp Study is based on a comprehensive online-based survey as the main data collection method.

The questioner will be covering the number of topics on larp origin and history, larp styles (e.g. genres, locations, frequency of larp, number of players, plot design methods, larp duration etc.) and larp scene (e.g. demography, organizations, contacts to other scenes etc.) as well as the understanding on what is larp.

The survey will be carried out in English. However, more languages can follow as the project moves on.

The survey will be designed to provide quantitative results, which will allow comparing country specific larp styles and scenes according to a number of criteria. The study findings will be statistically analysed and published online.

The target group of the study includes anyone in someway connected to live-action role playing, whereas it makes no difference if a participant is a player or an organiser, hobbyist or a professional.

To achieve a minimal statistical relevance level it is planed to sample at least 20 survey participants per country. If there are several independent larp scenes in a country, the minimum sample increases to 20 survey participants per community.

ICLS is planed as a long-term study which will successively collect the data on larp around the globe.


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